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Receive FREE Investors Kit 1-877-962-1133 or visit Swiss francs are cherished worldwide for their fine gold content and excellent minting. Their value changes with the price of gold as each has a guarantee of 0.1867 troy oz pure gold. They are commonly referenced as world gold coins and are globally recognized over the British gold sovereigns and French gold francs. The gold Swiss franc coin is one of the most popular gold coins traded in the global market place and recognized worldwide for it's gold content and value.

2012 Handbook of U.S. Coins: Blue Book

The Official Blue Book of United States Coins 2012, Paperback. This guide features grading and collecting tips, mintage records, historical information, and data compiled by more than 50 coin-elite contributors. Lists dealer buy prices, how much dealers will pay for your coins, not retail prices.

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United Netherlands - Ducaton / Silver Rider
TEST ARTICLE One of the coins often found in 17th century was the Ducaton or Silver rider. These coins, along with the Rix Dollar and the lion Dollar, were often used in Dutch Colonies and found their way into American trade. The coin was usually named Silver Rider because the TEST ARTICLE

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Old World Coins

Old world coins always has an interesting lot of world coins for sale. All coins are 100% real and graded honestly. Our inventory will be refreshed often and our prices will suprise you. If you are not satisfied with your coin(s) you can send them back and we will refund without questions asked. We have been selling coins since 2003. On Ebay we have a 100% happy feedback. Have fun exploring this site!


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